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Friday, 17 April 2015

How to Over Draw Your Lips! (Kylie Jenner Inspired)

kylie jenner lips how to kylie jenner lip linerOverdrawing your lips has become widely popular and I think that is down to the likes of Kylie Jenner. When done properly, I think it can look great! I over line my lips from time to time, sometimes more dramatic, other times only slightly and I've learnt some tricks to make it look as natural as possible. Whatever your into, if you want to enhance your natural lips a little or achieve more of a bigger poutier look hopefully you will find some tips and tricks helpful in this post.

Step 1 
Take a lip pencil, in the photo I am using Mac 'Soar'. Start at the cupids bow and over line, you can over line a little or a lot. The important part is to over line only on the middle of your lips, so when you get to the outer corners of your lips make sure your lip liner meets your natural lip line. Make sure the lip liner is matte as a gloss will show where you have over lined.

Step 2 
Now over line the bottom, again only over line the middle part of your lips and then blend it into the outer corners of your lips.

Step 3
Fill in your lips with a lip pencil, apply more product on the space between your natural lip line and the over drawn lip line, as you don't want to be able to see the gap. If you need to make any corrections then go over your lips, so if one side of you natural lip is less full then the other you can correct and make it look the same.


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

MAC Haul!

MAC HaulIf you haven't seen my last post which was a Huge Sephora Haul (link here) I mentioned that I would be doing a MAC haul as I purchased some products while I was in New York. As I mentioned in my last post I haven't tried any of the products yet apart from a few swatches.

Mac bronzerMac Mineralize Skinfinish 'Give Me Sun' 
This looks gorgeous, it's a beautiful warm matte bronzer shade. It is quite orange toned and very warm which I think will look perfect to really warm up the complexion and give a really bronzed look. 

mac lipstick haul
Honeylove, Faux, Velvet Teddy, Peachstock

Mac Lipsticks
Honeylove - I've been into nude lips lately, this is a beige brownie nude and has a matte finish.

Velvet Teddy - This is such a pretty shade, if your into that mauve brown lips then this is for you. It is a darker nude with a brown beige undertone and is a matte finish.

Faux - This is more of a purple toned brown lipstick with a matte finish.

Peachstock - Nude peach beige shade with a satin finish.

mac eyeshadows
Shroom- creamy white shade with shimmer, perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eye or brow bone.

Wedge - medium brown with a matte finish, great as a crease colour.

Tempting - warm copper/gold shade with shimmer.

Mac brushes haulMac 224 Brush - This is a domed blending brush, great for blending eyeshadow and it's really soft.

Mac 242 Brush - A flat densely packed brush that you can use to pack on eyeshadow.

Mac 263 Brush - Small angled brush, this one seems really nice and precise.

So that is what I purchased from Mac, let me know if you have any of these products and what do you think of them?


Friday, 3 April 2015

Huge Sephora Haul!

Sephora is one of my favourite places to shop, I'm sure my fellow beauty addicts feel the same and can spend hours in there! I recently went to New York and of course went to Sephora and purchased quite a few items, most of the things I haven't tried yet but will review some of the products soon so let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

Sephora Haul

Sephora Haul
Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturiser
A hydrating anti-aging moisturiser that comes in a tub with a pump which is great as it means you dont have to put your hands in there, you just push down and the products comes out. I have tried this  and its so moisturising! it doesn't feel thick or greasy either.

Boscia Cool Blue Hydrating Essence
I love anything hydrating so I really like the sound of this, it is a gel-serum formula which comes in a pipete style bottle. You are supposed to apply before you moisturiser, it adds hydration and is suitable for all skin types.

Tarte Marajuca Oil
This is a mini size of Tarte's Marajuca Oil, its supposed to be very hydrating which is great as i have dehydrated skin.

IMG_1193Smashbox Primer Water
This came out quite recently, its a primer water which is basically a water infused with hydrating ingredients that prep the skin for make-up. You can also use it to freshen up your make-up or if you find it looks a bit powdery.

Make-up Forever Nourishing Primer
This is also a new release, there are lots for all diffent skin types. The nourishing one moisturises the skin and is good for dry skin.

Smashbox Hydrating Primer
Another Hydrating primer, I've heard good things about the Smashbox primers so hopefully this will be good.

IMG_1200The Healthy Deodrant
This is a deodorant that is supposed to be 'healthier' it is made without a lot of the toxic ingredients that most deodorants have.

IMG_1202Tarte Lights Camera Lashes
I'm not a fan of the packaging but I've heard good things about this mascara, hopeful it will add lots of length and volume.

IMG_1197Smashbox Contour Palette
There are three powders, a neutral brown for contouring, a slightly warmer brown for brazening or you could use it too contour and a yellow highlight shade.

IMG_1201Smashbox Contour and Highlight Stick Trio
In the kit you get three cream sticks, a bronzing shade, a contouring shade and a highlight, so it has everything you need for cream contour.

Sephora HaulLaura Mercier Contour Kit
Another cream contour kit, This one comes with three contour shades and two shimmery highlight shades. The shades range is good so it will suit most skin tones.

IMG_1203Beauty Blender
The beauty blender gives such a flawless finish so I picked another one up.

Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser
I've tried the liquid version which is quite good but I've heard this Solid cleanser is better.

IMG_1204Living Proof Hair Kit
If you've shopped at Sephora you know that if you spend a certain about of money you get to pick a free same or gift, I got this 500 point kit which comes with a hairspray, a prime style extender, texturing cream and a hair serum.

Thats everything I got from Sephora, I will be reviewing lots of these products and I also have a Mac haul from New York coming up soon. Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them?

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Tarte Maracjuca Oil - Link
Smashbox Primer Water - Link
Make-Up Forever Primer - Link
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The Healthy Deodorant - Link
Tarte Lights Camera Lashes - Link
Smashbox Contour Kit - Link
Smashbox Contour Stick Trio - Link 
Laura Mercier Contour Kit - Link
Beauty Blender - Link
Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser - Link


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation

mac studio fix powder review mac powder review
When it comes to powder, I haven't always been the biggest fan. Having dry skin, powder was something I wasn't the most excited about as some could make my skin look dry or too matte. Powder wasn't something I always wanted to go without though as it really does make your make-up last a lot longer. So I was on the hunt for a powder and I decided to purchase Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation as I liked that it had quite a decent amount of coverage so that when I want a really flawless look I can apply this after my foundation to set it and add a extra amount of coverage. it is a foundation, I personally wouldn't use it for that. I like using it as a setting powder but if you are looking for a powder foundation with good coverage then this is a good one to try.

I had heard great things about this powder foundation but I felt like it might be too cakey looking especially to use as a setting powder, I also thought it might make my skin look too matte being a powder foundation, but it doesn't at all. I use a small amount after I've applied my foundation, I don't apply it all over just in certain places like the t-zone and on areas I want a bit more coverage. It does everything I want it too,  it makes my make-up last, adds extra coverage and gives a flawless finish. 

It's fantastic and I really recommend it as a setting powder, if you want good coverage and a airbrushed look then this is for you! 

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Top Foundations For A Flawless Base

Foundation is something I love trying, I'm always on the look out for an amazing foundation and I have tried a lot but these are my top picks, the best of the bunch in my opinion. These foundations are the ones I reach for the most, they all have good coverage and give me a flawless base.

make up forever hd foundationMake-Up Forever HD Foundation
This foundation is great, it has a build-able medium to full coverage and gives a skin like finish - it's not matte but it isn't dewy either. It blends easily, doesn't feel heavy and looks natural on the skin.  This is probably the one I reach for the least out of all of these foundations, as I like a dewy finish and the others do a better job of that but it is a great foundation and is good for all skin types.

giorgio armani luminous silk foundationGiorgio Armani Lumious silk Foundation
The most lightweight in consistency, the coverage can be light or be built up to a medium to full coverage. The finish is gorgeous and it really does give a luminous flawless finish. It's beautiful on the skin and lasts all day. Best suited for normal to dry skin.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme FoundationLaura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
This is one of my long-time favourites, it's a medium to full coverage foundation, highly pigmented so you only need the smallest amount. It gives a flawless dewy finish and looks natural, I find it's actually lightweight on the skin as you only need a small amount. More suited to normal to dry-dehydrated skin.
Nars Sheer Glow FoundationNars Sheer Glow Foundation
This foundation gives a flawless medium to full coverage with a subtle glow finish. I do find this can highlight dry patches if my skin is very dry so thats something to bear in mind if you have dry skin but most of the time I wear it and its looks great.

So those are my favourite foundations, they are all amazing and if your after a foundation that gives you a flawless finish, try one of these! If you have tried any of these foundations, let me know what you think?


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Becca Cosmetics Worth The Hype?


Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector's have been hyped about by everyone it seems, so of course I needed it. The shades 'Opal' and 'Moonstone' get the most love on the internet, I went with the shade 'Opal' which is a golden with a hint of bronze to it, good for light to medium skin. If you prefer a more creamy pale gold highlight then 'Moonstone' is for you. The shade 'Opal' is gorgeous, it is golden without being to gold if that makes sense, it gives a lovely golden glow. The texture is soft without being powdery and it blends effortlessly. It is intense highlight but not too much in my opinion, it gives just the right about of highlight. The shimmer is nice and fine without any large glitter. Overall this highlighter gets hyped about for good reason! 

Next onto a Becca Mineral Blush in 'Wild honey', which is a matte warm peach shade. The pigmentation is great, they apply easily with a soft texture but again like the highlighter not powdery. The shade range is lovely so I definitely recommend checking these blushes out! 

Overall I love both of these products, the highlighter stands out for me and it's one of my favourites, the blush is also amazing, both great quality which makes them totally worth the price.

Have you tried any products from Becca, let me know what you think?

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Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, £30.00 - Spacenk
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Friday, 16 May 2014

Big Beauty Haul! ft MAC, Hourglass, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Clarins

So I have done little bit of beauty shopping lately, I recently placed an order on Debenhams and SpaceNK so I thought it would be fun to show you what I got as I'm a bit nosey so I love these types of posts myself! Hope you enjoy! 
Beauty Haul make up haul bobbi brown, mac mac bobbi brown haul haul hourglass, bobbi brown mac, clarions golden glow booster

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush 'Diffused Heat'
I have been wanting to try these blushes for a long time, when they first came out I thought they were gorgeous but I restrained myself from purchasing so I could read some reviews and see if they were worth the price tag. Every review I have seen has been positive so I finally picked one up in the shade 'Diffused Heat' which is a coral shade with the cream marble effect running through it. When I first saw this blush I thought it was beautiful but quite shimmery in the pan but on the cheeks I don't find it looks too much at all, gives more of a glow to the cheeks. The main thing I was so impressed with is the texture of these blushes they are just perfect, so smooth and they glide onto the cheeks and apply evenly like no other blush I have tried, the pigmentation is just enough, they aren't to sheer but they aren't overly pigmented either.  
hourglass blush

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc 'Peach Mosaic'
This is similar to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, it can be used as a highlighter which is what I purchased it for, as a blush, or eyeshadow. It comes with four shades, a creamy white, peach, bronze and a peachy pink. When swirled together you get a peachy highlight shade which is beautiful. As there is different shades you can choose what you want, so if you want more of a pale pink highlight - use the white and peachy pink shade or if you want a more peachy highlight - use the peach and bronze shade. The product is quite pigmented, so I like to use a light hand when using it as a highlight. I think the shade 'Peach Mosaic' is best for medium to dark skin tones.  
Laura Mercier shimmer block

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation NC30
I decided to get this as I wanted a setting powder but one that provides coverage, this is a powder foundation but it can also be used as a setting powder. I haven't tried this much yet but from first impressions I like it, it sets my make-up, it's not too matte or powdery looking and it provides a little bit of coverage when used lightly to set my foundation.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder 'Golden Light'
I wanted a new bronzer and thought I would try this one from Bobbi Brown, the shade 'Golden Light'  is a good shade for pale to medium skin tones (if you have very pale skin this would be probably be too dark). It is a matte bronzer which I like and the shade looks nice as it isn't too orange or too red or brown. I haven't tried it out yet but I think it will be perfect for contouring.
Bobbi brown

Bobbi Brown Corrector 'Light Bisque'
This is a repurchase for me and one of my holy grail products, it's a corrector so it helps to correct dark circles under your eyes and the you apply a concealer on top, I notice a real difference when using this and highly recommend it if you have dark circles.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster
I love the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner, it's the best face tan I have tried so when I saw Clarins had came out with this new face tanner I had to try it! It comes in a little dropper bottle and you drop a few drops into your daily moisturiser, you can use less or more drops depending on the tan you want. I really like the idea of this and can't wait to try it!
clarins golden glow

Mac Lipstick 'Japanese Maple'
Mac describe this shade as a 'frosted light beige' with a creemsheen texture. Part of the Creemsheen + Pearl collection, I'm usually not a fan of frost lipsticks but I don't find this one to be too frosty, it has more of a glossy finish. The coverage is good and with a few swipes you can get a opaque application. The shade is a lovely everyday nude and easy to wear.

Mac Lipstick 'Coral Bliss'
Also part of the Creemsheen + Pearl collection, it is described as a 'frosted light coral' but I don't see any frost to this shade, it doesn't have any shimmer instead it has a creamy glossy finish and the pigmentation is also good and it is such a pretty coral.
mac lipsticks swatches

So thats everything I have purchased recently, have you tired any of these products?

Friday, 9 May 2014

Brand Focus: Anastasia Beverly Hills (Brows)

Anastasia Brow Products

Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand that I discovered around a year ago, since then her brow range has grown and her brow products have become cult products, her brand defiantly dominates the brow department in my opinion and for good reason! So today I'm going to be running through all the brow products I have tried from the range and give you a little run down on all of them. Of course Anastasia Beverly Hills do more than just amazing brow products, the lavish palette is amazing and I need to get my hands on the contour kit!
Anastasia Brow Wiz - Soft Brown
I was using a Mac brow pencil before this but once I tired the Brow Wiz I was converted and I have been using it ever since. On one end you have the product that is retractable so you can roll up to get the product and roll down which is handy if you accidental roll up too much product. The tip is a very fine nip so it's easy to get really precise. The formula isn't too soft that it breaks off or too hard that you have to drag on your eyebrow, it's the perfect texture and lasts all day. On the other end you have a spolie which is so handy, it makes it so easy to quickly flip the product around and brush through your brows as you apply product. The spolie is a perfect size, it isn't too big so it doesn't touch the skin around your eyebrow.  Available in 9 shades.

Anastasia Brow Wiz £15.50 - Cultbeauty

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo - Medium Brown
Again I was using a Mac eyeshadow before this which worked well, but the Brow Powder Duo is so much better! I find the texture is better suited as it is specifically designed for brows. The powders are smooth not powdery, with the right amount of pigment. It comes with two shades which is great, a lighter shade that I use at the front of my brow to give a soft look and the darker shade I use on the end of my brow as this is where you want your brow to be the most defined. I usually use the powder along with the 'Brow Wiz' (brow wiz to line the bottom of my brow then the powder to fill in) Available in 10 shades.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo £17 - Cultbeauty

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade - Blonde
The newest addition to the Anastasia brow range, the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade has been getting a lot of hype recently but I think it's deserved. I did a post about this not too long ago with a tutorial and a before and after photo so check that out here. It has a smooth formula that glides on, lasts all day and is waterproof. A little tip - use the smallest amount with this, dab off excess product on the back of your hand as you really do not need a lot go product. You can get a dramatic brow look with this but you can also get a natural look if you use a light hand. It's been out of stock for a while but now it's finally back on CultBeauty! Available in 5 shades.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade £15 - Cultbeauty

Anastasia Brow Brush 12
If your looking for a brush to use with the Dipbrow Pomade, this is a good one! Synthetic brush hairs so ideal for applying cream/gel and it comes with a spolie!

Anastasia Brow Brush 12 £15 - Cultbeauty

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
This is the best brow gel ever! If you have brows that like to do their own thing and never stay in place then this is a product for you. It is clear and sets your brow hairs in place all day so that they won't budge!

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel £16.50 - Cultbeauty

Anastasia Tweezers
Before you fill in your brows you need a nice clean shaped brow, to do this I like to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezers, I got these in a set but they are sold individually. I was using Tweezerman tweezers before but I much prefer these as I find they are more precise and pluck out every hair!

Anastasia Precision Tweezers £22 - Cultbeauty 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?
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