Monday, 18 April 2011

Mac Mineralize Blush - Miss Behave

So I am kind of late getting anything from the ‘Quite Cute Collection’, I started looking at it when it first came out and something that particularly caught my eye was the blushes! which was probably partly because of the packaging, as I am a bit of a sucker for pretty packaging! I loved the heart in the middle of the blushes, they are quite fitting to the collection as a perfect word to describe them is ‘cute’! however I did resist the temptation, and didn’t purchase anything.

But today I got a little surprise as my boyfriend got me the blush ‘miss behave’ as a gift - I originally wanted ‘giggly’ as I perfer the colour, and its more me!

'Miss behave'



Although this was not the colour I would have picked myself, as I like blusher a bit brighter/pigmented... I do like it, it is a pretty colour, but i dont like the mint green heart, as I dont see the point in mint green.

It was also very sheer, I felt like I had to apply alot more than I normally would than with other mac mineralize blushes, therefore you would end up having to use alot more of the product.

The blush is a light beige/peach with a frosted mint green/silver heart, I find it gives more of a highlighted affect rather than colour especially on medium/dark skin tones.

I think this blush would best suit pale skin, or if you like blush quite sheer with a touch of colour.

In my opinion this blush isnt for me, so I think I may have to go get 'giggly' now instead.



  1. Love it!!

  2. Too cute, I didn't know they were doing this range. I got all caught up in Wonder Woman!
    The heart is gorgeous!

  3. Yeh I know they are super cute! love them xx


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