Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Review - Bio Oil

I recently purchased Bio-oil for the first time so thought I would let you know what I thought, I actually purchased this after hearing about it on Pixiwoo's YouTube channel, which I’m sure all of you have heard of, but If not definitely go check it out, they have an amazing YouTube channel and blog.

Anyway for some reason I always thought Bio oil was just for stretch marks/scars, but it is also for uneven skin tone, ageing skin and dehydrated skin....

I bought this as I wanted to see how it helped dehydrated skin, as my skin can be quite dry/dehydrated especially round my nose area where I usually get very dry/flakey skin.

I applied this to the dry area around my nose and the improvement was amazing! The next day there was no flakey skin and it did not see dry at all, I didn’t apply this for a while after and my skin was still so much better, there was no dry or flakey skin, that was a major improvement as I have tried different moisturisers and though they did help my skin, I still tended to get the same dry patch, but after using Bio oil it was gone.

I have also applied this all over my face and it made my skin feel very smooth and hydrated, it didn’t make my skin oily at all, and it didn’t make me break out, obviously this is just me, everyone’s skin is different.

If you have dry/dehydrated skin I would definitely recommend this, it seemed to be very gentle to the skin, it absorbed well, the price of is also good, for a 60ml bottle its usually around £8, and a little bit goes along way so it should last along time.

I’m not really sure how this effects scars/stretch marks, I did apply this to a scar about three times but I did not do it regularly as you should apply it twice a day to see results, so I can’t comment on how effective it is, I think I may have seen a tiny improvement from applying it just three times, but I’m sure if I applied it regularly I would see better results.

Overall.... This was very good for my dry/dehydrated skin, it made it feel soft smooth and hydrated, it also got rid of a very dry patch and the best thing is that the results lasted, as for uneven skin tone and aging skin I’m not sure how this works as I didn’t use Bio Oil for this. I did see a small improvement on a scar from only a couple of applications so I’m sure this would be effective if used regularly.



  1. always been a bit afraid to buy this, as its a tad pricey for me, but may have to give it a whirl after this post

  2. i was curious about this product, so thanks for the review!

    i love your blog! following you now :)

  3. I have heard so much about Bio Oil I might need it for my body since I got dry skin


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