Friday, 13 May 2011

Mini Lush Haul/Review

Hello Lovelies!!

So I went to Lush, and I could have pretty much bought everything! but I was very good and just got a few things, so heres what I got....

Dragons Egg

First of all I really liked the name of this bath is also my 2nd favourite smelling out of everything I got, it has a very fresh citrus smell, it smells quite lemony, Im not that much of a fan of lemon but I still really liked the smell of this. This is one of Lush's bigger bath bombs. I used this literally right after I got it! when I put it in the bath it was really pretty, it fizzed out all different colours but mainly orange with gold glitter which looked so pretty, it left the water orange, and felt lovely and soft, it did leave glitter on me after the bath which I loved, it wasnt overpowering, you could only really see the glitter when the light hit it. 


Twilight is also bigger than other Lush bath balistics, I love the colour of this one as its pink! the picture isnt really showing the true colour as its a brighter pink, the smell of this one isnt my favourite but I do still like it, its more of a relaxing scent, as it has lavender in it, its doesnt have as strong a smell as Dragons egg. The effect of this one when its in the bath is my favourite though, its pink with blue inside and glitter! and the colours swirl together and leave the bath a gorgeous purple colour, This one is perfect to pop in the bath before bedtime.

Creamy Candy

This is a bubble bar, it is my favourite smelling product out of everything I got, its a really fruity, girly, candy smell, it also feels creamy which is really nice, and the bubbles felt soft. I love this bubble bar, I used half of this and it did turn the water pink.

Rockstar Soap

Rockstar has a sweet vanilla smell, it feels very creamy and moisturising when you rub it on your skin, and it left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised,
and smelling really nice.
As you can probably already tell I really like evreything I got so would repurchase all of them.

Whats some of your favourite things from Lush?



  1. I have too many favs so I could ramble on forever! But snow fairy shower gel is one of my all timers! Great review, I'm going to try some of these out, especially Twilight! Great blog, I'm following! I did a review on Dragons Egg too, check out my blog and follow back on :)x

  2. I really want to try snow fairy! I missed getting it while it was out :( and yeh I really like twilight and girly! ha. Thank you :)and I checked out your blog, you have a great blog too im following :) xx

  3. I got Twilight in one of those Christmas gift sets, and thought it was amazing! However, once it all fizzled out, because of the different colours inside mixing with each other.. the water turned a grey colour! Not appealing! lol My favourite Lush product is the Sweetie Pie shower jelly! It smells delicious! x

  4. I love Lush that's all I can say! Wish they were not that expensive hahahah

  5. I absolutely love Rockstar soap ! Smells amazing


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