Sunday, 17 July 2011

Product Rave! - Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix

First of all let me start of by apologising, I havent posted on here for so long, I feel like my blog has been neglected alot lately, I've been so busy but I am now getting back in the swing of things!! and I'm soooo glad to be back!

Now onto the product rave! I came across a product from a brand called Nip + Fab from Maria Hatsitefanis, founder of high end beauty brand Rodail.

I never actually heard much about Nip + Fab, which is quite odd as after looking more into the brand I found it is very popular and alot of products are in high demand. Anyway I first heard about this product when reading a magazine which said Jennifer Aniston loves the Nip + Fab dry leg fix, now who wouldn't want legs like Jennifer Aniston? So when I came across this product in boots I really wanted to try it...

Jennifer Aniston doesn't seem to be the only celebrity fan of this brand, Victoria beckham, Kate bosworth, Sienna Miller, Kim Kardashian, Amy Childs, Alexandra Burke, Kimberly Walsh, Denise Van Outen, Olivia Palermo, Julia Roberts are all said to be fans!

I've have quite problem legs I woud say, they are usually very dry and get the little dry bumps aswell, I have tried lots of body butters and moisturisers which have improved them but not greatly, I always felt like none of them were moisturising enough for my dry legs, Nip + Fab however really did nip my dry leg problem straight away!

♥First of all, it smells amazing, I absolutely love the smell, its a product that smells so good that I want to put it on just for that alone

♥Its feels light and absorbs so nicely, doesnt leave my legs feeling sticky or anything like that

♥From the first time I applied this I noticed results straight away!

♥It makes my legs feel so smooth, silky soft, and leaves them with a subtle shine/glow which I love

♥The results also last, I have had this for about two weeks now and when I forgot to put this on for a couple of days, my legs still felt so moisturised, not dry at all

♥It feels so moisturising and has definitely sorted out my dry legs, not only do they feel great, they look better to, they somehow look healthier, if that makes sense...the little bumps I had are gone and they just look more glowing and not so dull. Im sure you can use it on the rest of our body, not just legs.

There is nothing bad I can say about it, this has already became a product I know I will repurchase again and again...its especially great for summertime when you want to get your legs out more often, I will definitely be taking this on holiday with me.
What they say
'Intensive formula immediatley nourishes + smoothes dry, flakey skin with an innovative moisturising + replenishing hydroconcept, leaving super silkiy legs.
*aquaxylTM 24 hour moisture + shine
*shea butter restores moisture + promotes elasticity
*glycerin softens + hydrates'
I am really glad I tried this product and would definitely recommend this if you have dry legs or even if you dont and are just looking for a moisturiser to give your legs a extra boost, if your interested in this product you can get it for £10.25 at Boots also stock it.

After using this it has made me alot more interested in other products from this brand, and I will definatly try one or two out...

More Products from Nip + Fab
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Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey Im new to your blog. Can I just say that I think ive stumbled upon a gem. You write about all sorts of things im interested in. Keep it up! :)


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