Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lush Christmas Haul!

I love lush but its not somewhere I shop regularly, although when it comes to Christmas time I go there a lot more often as I love their Christmas collection, its just make me feel all festive haha. I only picked a few things up this time so I'm going to have to pop back in and get some more soon, but here's what I got...

Lil lush pud
Bath bomb
This is so cute, it looks like a Christmas pudding (stating the obvious) I have to admit I got this more for the way it looks than the smell, I cant really describe what this smells like but it does have a Christmas scent and is not too overpowering. Lush describe it of smelling like marzipan.

Christmas Eve
Bubble bar
I prefer this scent over Lil lush pud. Lush describe it as refreshing and awakening, but I wouldn't say that, to me it has a really relaxing fresh smell, with ylang ylang oil and jasmine, its something I would use for a relaxing nighttime bath.

Snow fairy
shower gel

Believe it or not I had never tried this before, I'm sure you have heard about it as everyone has seemed to of spoken about it, and I can definitely see what the hype was for, It smells gorgeous, really sweet and girly, smells just like bubblegum and it has glitter in it, what more could a girl ask for?!

The Comforter
Bubble bar

I have used half of this already and didn't think it would be very appealing to take a picture of a half used bubble bar. This is the only thing I got that wasn't from the Christmas range, but i thought I would include it anyway as it is one of my favourite smelling thing from Lush, it is very strong smelling which I really like, it has a sweet blackberry smell and I love it!



  1. I love Lil Lush Pud, haven't tried Christmas Eve yet but sounds lovely! I bought 4 bottles of Snow Fairy last year in the boxing day sales and 4 gift sets as everything goes half price! Worth doing!! ;-)


  2. Yeh think I'm going to do the same this year! will defintely stock up on Snow Fairy! :) x

  3. Those are so cute.. have heard so much about us have yet to try it =(

  4. They are adorable arnt they! definitely check them out :) x

  5. I LOVE christmas eve! it smells lovely :)xx




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