Monday, 30 January 2012

Whats in my January Glossybox? "Valentines Edition"

As you can see this months box was a gorgeous hot pink colour, for the theme valentines day, I love how Glossybox has been changing their colour schemes for different themes. Now onto whats inside the box...

Davines Moisturising Balm - I've never heard of this brand before but its a moisturising balm for face, hair and body, with 98% natural derived ingredients and organic cartheme oil. After reading about it I realised that you are actually meant to rinse this off, when used on the face it works more like a cleanser and removes make-up, and on the hair it works as a conditioner that you leave on for a few minutes then rinse out. The smell of this isn't great, smells herbal to me, but it isn't so bad that it would put me off using this, I'm quite interested to see how this works on my hair.

Davines Cleansing Nectar - Another product from this brand, this can be used on hair and body, it works as a shampoo/shower gel. Again herbal scented, but not as strong smelling as the moisturising balm. This also has 98% natural derived ingredients and organic cartheme oil. I'm really interested to see how this works on my hair as well as it is sulphate free and silicone free.

FAB Gentle Body Wash - This brand was actually in my last months Glossybox as well. Its a gentle body wash aimed at dry/sensitive skins and free of irritants. Its not very strong smelling, but that may be a good thing because I'm not to keen on the smell anyway. I don't no what it is but I'm never excited about receiving body washes in beauty boxes, I find its something I always have and don't really have a need to try more.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - When I first saw what colour this was in (powdered pink) I was a little disappointed, as I was expecting it to be a pink eyeliner, which it is but its a very muted pale pink, which works well for lining the inner lash line, the texture is creamy, not super pigmented, I tried it to see how it performed, its not very long lasting I found it didn't last long on my inner lash line.

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer - dewy finish - I was the most excited about trying this product, as I've been wanting a primer that gives a dewy finish as alot that I've tried are more for mattifying the face. I haven't tried this out properly yet I just tested it on my hand and was actually surprised its a tinted primer which I haven't seen before. It felt different to other primers I've tried it was more watery and didn't leave my skin with that really soft feel that other primers have, I also noticed that it had very very fine shimmer in it which is obviously to give that dewy effect, but I was disappointed as it annoys me when I look close and see little bits of shimmer on my face, but I am still looking forward to trying this out properly and seeing how it makes my make-up look.

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  1. love the primer but its a little pricey for a full one so wont be buying it xx

  2. wow... I want that box...lucky you!Just found your blog, and I really love it...I am your newest follower!
    xxx Marina

  3. I'm in love with First Aid Beauty, would recommend their Detox Eye Roller for early mornings! Love this post too xx

    Emma x

    1. Oh really, I will check that out! and thank you :) xx

  4. congrats! you have won an award check it out ...

  5. Such a shame about the eyeliner I thought it would be really good! :( xx


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