Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Soleil Tan De Chanel - Bronzing Make-Up Base

This has been on my wishlist for such a long time now, so when I was in Debenhams a few days ago I finally caved, it has got a hefty price tag at £29 but you do get 30g of product, and from using this a few times already I can see this will last a long time...

The packaging is gorgeous, but who would expect anything less from Chanel! It comes in a huge plastic tub with the gold Chanel logo on the lid, it also has a plastic insert inside to prevent the product from drying out. The texture is a very firm mousse/cream I was expecting it to be more soft in texture. It does have fine shimmer its not overly shimmery by any means but its not matte either, this did come a slight disappointment to me as I do like my bronzers matte. Ive seen many people say that the shimmer doesn't show on the skin which it doesn't show a great deal, although if your out in the sun with this on your face you can definitely see the shimmer alot more than I would necessary like, but that's just me not being a fan of shimmery bronzers some people I'm sure will love it!

There are different ways to use this, you can wear this under your foundation as a base to give a subtle bronzed look, or all over your face on its own, or (my preferred way) as a bronzer on top of your foundation to contour. I apply this under my cheek bones, temples and jaw line, I wouldn't suggest applying this with your fingers as I don't think it would work as well, I've been using the MAC 109 brush and the Real Techniques buffing brush, they both work well I find the Real Techniques brush buffs it in more...It applies beautifully, looks natural and gives a smooth velvety finish.

Left - Heavy swatch, Right - Bended out

The colour is a warm brown it does have a tiny orange tone to it, but I don't find it appears orangey on the skin, the swatch above is coming across more orangey than it actually is, it comes in one shade which I think will work on most skin tones, except maybe very dark skin.

My verdict... I really like this product, I'm not a huge fan of the shimmer, but it doesn't put me off either. I love the way this applies and looks on the skin. I'm definitely glad I purchased it and can see myself getting a lot of use out of this in the summer.

Thanks for reading! have you tried this product yet? what are your thoughts?



  1. it looks great thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for sending me your linke through #bbloggers! Now following and looking forward to your posts! Especially some you may do about your makeup course! xx

  3. looks very natural, i love chanel's beauty products as much as i love their clothes:)
    followed you , follow back please?

  4. Very nice bronzer this one is on my wishing list for ages :)

  5. Lovely review :) I recently bought NARS Laguna but find it far too orange on my skin. I've been thinking of trying this one for a while and it looks lovely in the swatches. I prefer matte ones too usually but they are so hard to find! xx

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  6. i really really REALLY want this. such a huge fan of chanel make-up, never been dissapointed by it! x


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