Sunday, 29 April 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection

Hey lovelies! So I'm sure most of you have heard of these brushes before, they have been raved about everywhere! Just in case you haven't heard of them though, they were created by Samantha Chapman from 'Pixiwoo' and are made from synthetic bristles. So after seeing all the rave reviews I had to get my hands on them! I got mine in Boots a few weeks ago for £21.99, so have had the chance to use them and now tell you what I think...

Well let me start off by saying I love them! I must admit after seeing all the reviews I expected them to be good but wasn't sure if they would live up to the hype, well I was pleasantly surprised at just how nice they were, my first impressions were 'omg they are SO SOFT!' softer than any of my MAC brushes I own, the two brushes that stand out to me are the Buffing brush and the Contour brush.

                                          (above:contour brush, below:buffing brush)

The Buffing brush I use for my foundation everyday now, my MAC 187 no longer has a look in! lol, I love the way it applies my foundation, its so quick, you can really buff it in and it gives a beautiful even finish. The contour brush I also use everyday to apply cream highlight and on the days where I use my Chanel Bronze Universal to contour.

(above:detailer brush, below:pointed foundation brush)

The other two brushes (pointed foundation brush and detailer brush) have been neglected, they aren't my favourite, I simply don't find as much use for them. The pointed foundation brush is too small to apply my foundation with in my opinion, I have used it for concealer under my eyes though. The detailer brush I have also used for concealer, but again I don't tend to reach for it as I prefer a fluffier blending brush for concealer like the MAC 217.

Overall I love theses brushes and really recommend them, let me just say again they are SO soft! The quality is amazing, I haven't had one hair shed from any brush, they wash really well and retain their shape. They are great value for money at £21.99 I would purchase the buffing brush and the contour brush alone for that price, they are definitely the stand out brushes for me and the other two are nice bonuses. You can purchase these at Boots, they have other sets as well as individual brushes. I'm definitely going to purchase some more, I already have my eye on the blush brush and powder brush.

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  1. really eager to try these but everytime i go to buy from the website they're sold out </3

    1. There in stock on boots online at the moment :)

  2. I've asked for these brushes for my birthday, can't wait to get them :D thanks for your review x


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