Wednesday, 22 August 2012

NOTD - Essie Mint Candy Apple

Hey ladies! I've been having a bit of an obsession wth Essie nail polishes lately, ever since they became readily available in Boots, you can pretty much guarantee that whenever I'm in there I'll make a visit to the Essie stand and ogle at all the pretty shades! anyone else do the same? Anyway enough of my love for Essie, onto the actual nail polish!

The infamous Essie 'Mint Candy Apple' is my newest edition, it's a shade I've always had my eye on and I really dont know why it took me so long to get it! it's a perfect summery shade, (not that we've really had much of a summer in England) but at least with this on my nails I can feel like I'm living in the Bahamas! ok maybe not.

 As the name suggests it's a mint green shade, but with a hint of blue kind of reminds me of a Tiffany's box. It's just lovely! I've been wearing this constantly since I purchased it! Apply two coats of this and your good to go!

If you've tried Essie polishes I would love to know what are some of your favourite shades? So that next time i'm ogling at Essie in Boots I can check them out!



  1. Everyone raves about this polish and I can see why, its sooo pretty! I love the shape of your nails too, I really like them gently squared off xx

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  2. Gorgeous colour! It reminds me of cotton candy, yummy! X

  3. Super gorgeous! I opted for Revlon Minted instead which is a little more on the green side I think x

  4. I'm still yet to try out Essie Polishes! That's such a pretty colour I'm missing out x

  5. This is such a beautiful colour - one of my faves! I can never go into Boots without picking up a new Essie now! Recommend Fiji, I've now got my eye on the rose gold shade from their metallic collection! :-)

  6. I have been lusting after this colour since it came to Boots. Would you say its resistant to chipping?
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  7. gorgeous colour! lovely nails as well!

    love your blog new follower


  8. This colour is totally gorgeous! xxx

  9. Gorgeous colour! Ive never tried Essie nail polishes but really need to heard so many good reviews :)

    I'm now following great blog!

  10. My all time favorite nail polish, I love it. x

  11. This is such a pretty colour, i'm a sucker for anything pastel at the moment :D I've seen loads of great reviews on this and i'm not sure why i havent gone out and purchased it yet haha, definitely on my wish list now :D

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  12. I've been telling myself for ages that I won't buy this because I have so many pastels that I don't wear but it looks so nice!! Lovely post x

  13. what a gorgeous colour.
    i think i may have to buy this!
    hope to speak soon,
    your new follower,
    laura xx

  14. Amazing color, I hope Ulta is in stock with this right now! love it! xx

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