Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

Hey guys! Today I thought I would review/rave about a skincare product I've been loving! The 'Emma Hardie amazing face, Natural lift and sculpt Moringa cleansing balm' (award for the longest product name ever!) I am now onto my second tub of this! As soon as I ran out I immediately placed a order on, which is one of the cheapest places I found for this product. It's usually around £34 but you can pick it up for £27.50 on feelunique, also you can get even cheaper if there is a feelunique code floating around.
I use this morning and night, scoop a small amount into the palm of my hand and add a tiny bit of warm water which turns the texture a little more creamy. Then massage all over my face and neck, it feels lovely on the skin! I then take either a hot muslin cloth or a normal hot face cloth to remove it. It does a great job at removing make-up including eye make-up. I usually double cleanse at night, once to remove my make up then again to really cleanse the skin. It can also be left on and used as a soothing and softening mask, personally I've only used it for cleansing but it's so hydrating I think it would work beautifully as a mask as well.
It feels so luxurious on the skin and leaves my face feeling clean, smooth and hydrated, doesn't leave any oily residue and never irritates my skin or eyes! I have dry/dehydrated skin and this product helps to really clean my skin never leaving my face feeling tight or sore. It's especially great in the winter months, when the cold weather can make skin dryer than normal. I think this would suit all skin types, obviously if you have dry/dehydrated skin like me you should love it! It's very gentle and non irritating so should be great for sensitive skin, and it's not to rich for oily skin.
So I think you can already tell this product gets a big thumbs up from me! I really do think it's great and can see myself repurchasing and repurchasing this cleanser! Have you tried it? What are your thoughts?


  1. This sounds like a really lovely product. I've read good things about it but never a full review, and I have to say it sounds right up my street! Gentle cleansers are my saviours and having a moisturising element is important at this time of year. Might have to check this out :) x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Glad you found this review helpful! :)

  2. I can not get enough of this, I would bathe in it if I could. lol. x

  3. This looks so amazing, I love melting cleansers! The price is a little off putting though. Thanks for sending your link to me via the bbloggers chat. xx

  4. this is my fave cleanser at the moment cant believe i went so long without it! x


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