Monday, 11 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!

1. I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and I'm also qualified in Theatrical and Media Make-up.
2. I have two sisters, Lauren who is older than me and Chantelle who is younger than me.
3. I like making lists!
4. I usually take ages to get ready even if I have hours I'm hardly ever ready on time, I just dilly dally!
5. I've been to Florida once when I was younger and I'm going back again this year! I can not wait :)
6. I love all types of music, r'n'b, pop, hip hop and old motown music like 50's and 60's!
7. I love reality TV!
8. I have a phobia of spiders! Seriously it is so bad I cry if I see one and go into a panic! In fact I am pretty much terrified of all insects! Spiders are the worst though.
9. I want a puppy so bad!
10. I love fake tan but I hate applying it!
11. I am a terrible fussy eater! There are very few foods I like, especially when it comes to meals.
12.  I have a double jointed thumb.
13. I love watching TV series, Vampire Diaries and Revenge are my top two favourites!
14. I love baking!
15. I passed my theory test first time and my driving test the second time.
16. I have a weird thing with eyes, I can't stand when people touch their eyeball! For example seeing people put contacts in makes me heave!
17. I love chocolate! I am definitely a sweet kind of a gal rather than savoury.
18. I can be really messy!
19. My hair is brown naturally.
20. I am 19 years old.
21. I love Disney films, Tangled is one of my favourites!
22. When I was younger I knew every word to the film Parent Trap.
23. I find it hard to go to sleep early, I usually stay up really late!
24. I am shy at first until I get to know someone.
25. I am a worrier and I think far to much!
26. I love Nicki Minaj's music and I went to see her last year.
27. I hate the taste of alcohol!
28. I love swimming.
29. I am my own worst critic!
30. I would love to swim with dolphins one day! I once had the chance too when I was younger, I was at a dolphin show in Florida and got picked out of the crowd to swim with them in front of everyone but I was too scared!
31. I think I have watched every episode of Friends more than once! It never gets old!
32. When I was younger I either wanted to be a Teacher or a Solicitor.
33. I am not a morning person!
34. I struggle with anxiety, and doing things outside of my comfort zone.
35. I have seen JLS in concert twice.
36. When I was younger I used to love the movie Greece, I would watch it over and over! I had a little crush on Danny Zuko lol.
37. I have two little nieces, one 4 and one 2.
38. I have been with my Boyfriend for 3 years now.
39. I hate it when people eat loudly!
40. I like all types of films, I love going to the cinema!
41. I don't like cats.
42. I love candles!
43. I love being all cosy! Pyjamas on, in bed watching a film is something is a perfect night.
44. I have a bad habit of picking my mascara off.
45. I love bubble baths
46. I am indecisive.
47. I hate being cold!
48. I love doing my make-up! But I also love the feeling after I've taken it off.
49. I find painting my nails boring!
50. I like being organised but most of the time I am unorganised!   


  1. Seem as i just come across your blog today i think this is a perfect first blog post for me to read. From your facts it seems we have quite a bit in common i also love tangled and suffer from anxiety. I could go on but i think i'll just leave it as that haha x

  2. Love these posts! Tangled is one of my faves too xx

  3. Wow you look like a real blonde :))) xx

  4. We definitely relate on a few things. :) I went to Florida in '05 and it was definitely one of my favourite holidays I've ever been on! I also am a sucker for reality TV. I have a double joined thumb also, and am such a fussy eater it annoys my parents haha.

  5. Totally agree on #10! In fact I should be putting some on now but really can't be bothered!
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  6. These are some of my favourite posts. I really must get round to doing my own! Great blog. :) xx


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