Sunday, 31 March 2013

OOTN - Midi Dress

 Hi Lovelies! I hope you are having a great Easter and scoffing away lots of chocolate! Last night I went on a night out and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do my first ever Outfit Of The Night! I wore a black midi dress, midi dresses are everywhere right now and I've been loving them as I think they are very flattering and classy looking. I went for a plain black one which I like as its quite simple and I paired it with some nude heels. For accessories I added a gold cuff, gold and black earrings and a gold ring. I wanted to take some more photos and show you my make-up that I wore but I didn't have time as I was rushing out the door! But I went for a smokey eye and nude lip and curled my hair using ghd's.
Midi Dress - Asos
Nude Heels - Aldo
Clutch Bag - River Island
Gold Cuff - River Island
Earrings - (I forgot where I got them)
Gold Ring - Miss Selfridge

Thursday, 28 March 2013

My Essential Bath/Shower Products (For Soft Skin)

Essential Shower Products (For Soft Skin)
Hey lovelies! I really find those 'whats in my shower' posts quite interesting, is that weird that I like to see whats in people showers? haha I think I'm just a bit nosey! Anyway there have been a few bath/shower products I have been loving so I though I'd share them with you! First off it's the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, Its expensive for a shower product, (£17.50, I purchased mine from Feelunique) but I has heard good things about it mainly from ViviannaDoesMakeup... I am sure you all read her blog but if not you must check it out! I love her blog, she has one of those blogs where everything she writes about I am like I NEED that! So as she was raving about this a while back I really wanted to try it! I really liked the idea of it being a shower oil - thus being more nourishing than your average shower gel - which is especially handy for those days when I'm to lazy to moisturise after the shower (I think we are all guilty of that... eh?) As you can see I am nearly done with this bottle and I will definitely repurchase even though it's pricey as I love this product! It starts off as an oil but once it makes contact with water it lathers up. It can also be used as a shaving oil too, which it works great for as it provides a smooth shave and doesn't leave my skin irritated. It feels luxurious to use and leaves my skin feeling soft. I was worried that I wouldn't like the smell of it as I'm not keen on almond scents but I was pleasantly surprised as I really do like it!

soap and glory Sugar Crush Scrub
Now moving on to Soap And Glory - Sugar Crush Scrub, this is my favourite product from Soap And Glory! I absolutely love the scent, brown sugar sweet lime goodness! They also do a shower gel and body butter in the same scent which I am yet to try! This scrub is just amazing, it contains macadamia grains to really exfoliate the skin, and almond oil which moisturises the skin. If you haven't tried this I really recommend giving it a go!

Soap and Glory the righteous butter
After you've exfoliated, for super soft skin its time to moisturise, I've been loving this Soap And Glory - The Righteous Butter, its super thick and creamy it can leave me feeling a bit sticky but I love how it leaves my skin really soft! It smells lovely like all Soap And Glory products, although I don't like the scent as much as the Sugar Crush.

So there you have my shower essentials, I'd love to know if you have tried any of these products and what your thoughts are? Or if you have any other recommendation's?


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Best Lipgloss?

I am more of a lipstick rather than lipgloss kind a gal, the main thing that puts me off gloss is the sticky consistency a lot of them tend to have... but all that changed when I purchased the much talked about - Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector last summer, ever since then it has became a firm favourite of mine! So why do I love it so much? Well to start with it smells amazing! like sweet vanilla, I love it! It not only smells great but feels great too - this is the main reason I love it! the consistency isn't sticky at all its more of a balm/gloss, and feels moisturising too! I also love the packaging with the squeezy tube and sponge applicator. I have the Shade Apricot Shimmer, which is a pretty peachy shade with slight shimmer. It looks pretty opaque but on the lips its more of a sheer wash of colour, It looks great on it's own or paired with a nude/peach/pink lipstick. They also come in two other shades, Rose shimmer and Nude shimmer and I believe they are releasing three new shades in May!

They retail for £17 but I have seen them on FeelUnique for £13.60 although they only had the shade Nude shimmer. Let me know if you have tried the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors and what you thought?


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour | Peach Whisper

Hey Lovelies! Now if you've read my blog before you may already know that I am a big lover of anything peach when it comes to make-up, I always gravitate more towards a peachy blush/lipstick. So I thought I would share with you this little beautie from Laura Mercier, it's their Second Skin Cheek Colour in 'Peach Whisper' a gorgeous matte peach shade that is just right up my alley. I like that its matte as you can choose to add shimmer if you want too. It blends onto the cheeks beautifully and is nicely pigmented, the swatch above is heavily swatched just so you can see the shade well but you can defiantly sweep a little bit on to get a more subtle colour. I think the shade is beautiful it really just perks up my complexion and gives me a nice glow, it's perfect for summer and looks great with a tan but will also work on paler skin tones.

If your a peachy blush lover too then this is defiantly one to have a swatch of, you can purchase Laura Mercier at SpaceNK, these blushes are £20 but worth it if you ask me. Have you tried any blushes from Laura Mercier? Let me know what you think?


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Phyto Haircare | Review

Hi ladies, I have been using these Phyto haircare products for a couple of weeks now, I actually won these products on a twitter competition from SpaceNK which was rather exciting! I couldn't wait to try them as I have used Phyto haircare products before and loved them! Phyto haircare contains mostly natural ingredients.

The products I received are the PhytoVolume Shampoo, Phytobaume Volume Conditioner, PhytoVolume Actif and the Secret De Nuit Hair Treatment. I had previously purchased the Secret De Nuit overnight hair treatment so this was my second bottle, everything else I had never tried before. I have tried two other Phyto shampoos before though - Phytojoba which is a hydrating shampoo and PhytoKeratin which is for damaged hair, I really liked both. Lastly the only other product I have tried is Phyto 7 which is a leave in hydrating cream for the hair, again I really liked this too.

So to start with the Phyto Volume shampoo  - the consistency of this shampoo is very runny so you have to go careful when pouring it into your hand as it can go everywhere, but it lathers up nicely and smells nice. The Phytobaume volume conditioner - (both the shampoo and conditioner are for fine hair) I have fine hair so this is great for me, I really like the smell of the conditioner I can't describe it but it smells quite perfumery which some people may not like but I really like it! The consistency is really creamy, it makes my hair feel lovely and soft. After using the shampoo and conditioner my hair has a nice amount of volume to it, the only thing is I do have quite dry hair so I do like to use more hydrating products on my hair, while the shampoo and conditioner don't make my hair dry they actually make it soft and shiny, I do still like to switch it up from time to time and use something for more dry/damaged hair. But overall I like both the shampoo and conditioner and recommend them if you want some added volume.

Next is the PhytoVolume Actif this is a volume spray that you spray in the roots of your hair when it's wet and blow dry. This is nice it doesn't leave any residue in my hair and adds volume. Lastly is the Secret De Nuit Intense Hydration Regenerating Overnight Cream, you can apply this to dry or towel-dried hair before going to bed but don't rinse out. As I said I have used this before so this was my second time tyring it, I didn't repurchase as it is expensive at £28 for 75ml, it is a nice product but I couldn't really justify spending £28 on purchasing it again as while it was nice it would have to do amazing things to my hair for me to keep repurchasing. But I'm really glad I've got another bottle as it is a nice product. The consistency is like a lightweight lotion rather than cream, I apply this through the mid lengths and ends of  my hair, I don't love the smell but it doesn't bother me either, it has a natural kind of smell if that makes sense. I was worried whether It would leave any residue in my hair or if it would weigh it down as you don't wash it out but as it's lightweight it doesn't, in the morning my hair just feels nice and soft, I feel like this really hydrates my hair and leaves it shiny, I also feel like this does help the health of my hair as it really hydrates my hair stops it being so dry.

Overall I really like everything I've tried from Phyto, there hasn't been a product I've tried from them that I didn't like, I really recommend their products. If you have fine hair and want some extra volume then the shampoo, conditioner and volume spray are great, if you have dry or damaged hair and don't mind the pricetag then the Secret De Nuit is a lovely product to deeply conditioner your hair. Let me know if you have tried anything from Phyto and what you thought?


Friday, 8 March 2013

Beauty Blender | Review

Hi Lovelies! Today I thought I'd talk about the famous Beauty Blender, which is adored by many including Celebrities and top Make-Up Artists, in fact this is often what Kim Kardashian's make-up artist uses to apply her foundation. I tried the Beauty Blender for the first time the other day and loved it so much! Honestly I think this has a become holy grail to me already!!

First of all to prepare the Beauty Blender, you need to run it under water which will make it expand then squeeze out excess water leaving it damp and ready to use. To apply your make-up you simply bounce (stipple) the damp Beauty Blender on your skin. I applied a few dots of foundation on my face then used the Beauty blender to blend it all in. It blends in foundation so seamlessly and leaves you with a effortlessly flawless look! I love the feel of the sponge too, it is so soft! I use it to blend in my concealer aswell which it is great for, the pointy end is good for getting in around the harder to reach areas around the eyes and nose. They are available in a variety of colours, pink black and white. I got mine in a set that comes with the cleanser from BeautyBay (link). The Beauty Blender on it's own costs £16 which at first I thought was expensive for a sponge, but after using it I totally think its worth it and will repurchase when this one needs replacing! I know there are cheaper alternatives out there similar to the Beauty Blender, like the Cosmopolitan one but I haven't tried it so I can't say whether it is just as good or not but it would be interesting to see how it compared to the Beauty Blender.

Have you tried the Beauty Blender? What did you think?


Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Top 5 Favourite Highlighters!

Hey lovelies! I love highlighter, in fact I'd think id go as far to say it's one of my favourite parts of applying make-up along with contouring! It's safe to say I'm a big fan of the dewy look, and highlighter is the perfect way to get that J-lo esque glow without looking like a grease ball! You want to highlight the high points of your face so, the tops of the cheek bones, brow bone, bridge of nose, cupids bow, chin and forehead, of course you don't have to highlight all of those areas if you don't want to. I tend highlight my cheekbones, brow bone, centre of nose and sometimes the cupids bow on a everyday basis.

Ive picked my top 5 favourite highlighters to share with you today, I have a mix of cream and powder. I love both types - cream usually gives a bit more of a subtle highlight then powder. I tend to go for cream more in the summer season I don't know why I just do. Also you can always use both cream and powder, apply the cream highlight first then the powder on top, this will make your highlight last longer and be a bit more intense as your layering cream/powder products.

I've picked 3 cream highlights the first one is a Mac Cream Colourbase in 'Pearl' which is a gorgeous light yellow/gold creamy shade, its the least shimmery out of the bunch - its adds more of a beautiful sheen to the skin rather than shimmer.

The next two cream highlighters are the Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Creams. I'm really sorry I had to put these in here as they are two of my favourites but Jemma Kidd went into administration, so I'm not sure if you will still be able to get hold of these but if you can then snap one up! I have the shades Iced Gold and Rose Gold, did I need both? Probably not! But anyway...Iced gold if a light champagne gold shade and Rose Gold is a big more of a bronzey orange gold.

Another one from Mac, this time it's their Mineralize SkinFinish in 'Soft & Gentle' I love this one so much, if I had to pick one favourite this would probably be it! I've had this one for ages, they last forever! It adds such a lovely glow to the skin, this one is probably the most shimmery out of the 5 but it's nothing too much just the right amount I'd say, it is beautiful!

Lastly Dior Amber Diamond, now I heard this was being discontinued a while ago so I rushed out to get it! But I now I believe it's not so you should be able to get it. It is gorgeous! the shimmer is more finely milled than the others, it has a mixture of highlight shades a creamy white, champagne gold, a bronze, and then a more orangey bronze. You can use them individually or swirl them all together which is what I do and it gives a beautiful subtle glowy, 'lit from within look.'

So there you have my top 5 favourite highlighters, I love them all! I'd love to know what your favourite highlighters are?


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My Real Techniques Brush Collection

I'm sure everyone and their mum has heard about Real Techniques brushes, they have quite a lot of hype around them - and in my opinion quite rightly so! I absolutely love them as you might already be able to tell from my rather large collection! It all started off with the Core collection and since then my collection has grown quite a bit. I think they are great, affordable and amazing quality! So I thought I would show you my collection.
Core Collection
Buffing brush - This is one of my favourite brushes from Real Techniques, I think the core collection is worth getting for this brush alone! I really love it and use it everyday to apply my foundation.
Contour Brush - I use this brush everyday too, mostly to apply highlight or I sometimes use this to contour.

Foundation Brush - I don't reach for this brush very much, I don't use it for foundation but I have used it to apply concealer under the eyes which it works well for but I prefer using a different brush for that.
Detailer Brush - This is one that I don't use very much either, but it's nice to apply lipstick.
Starter Set
Deluxe crease brush - I use this to apply and blend in concealer under my eyes which it works great for, and gives a really nice finish.
Accent brush - I use this brush to apply highlight to the inner corner of my eyes and sometimes to blend shadow underneath the lash line.
Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush - this brush I don't find a use for I don't think its precise enough for eyeliner.
Base Shadow brush - I love using this to apply eyeshadow and blend it out.
Brow Brush - I don't use this brush, I use a Mac brush to fill in my eyebrows, I find this one to be a bit too thick to fill in eyebrows.
Stippling Blush - I use this for cream blush, it's makes cream blush much more easier to apply.
Blush Brush - I bought this blush for powder as I thought it would be too big for blush, but I actually use if for blush mostly as its tapered I just apply blush to the centre and the rest of the bristles blend it out, I also use it for bronzer which it is good for if you want a subtle contour.
Powder brush - This is great for applying powder over the face as its so big.
Expert Face Brush - I use this brush for foundation when I'm not using the buffing brush, I tend to reach for the buffing brush more but I still love this one too.
So there you have my collection, I use a lot of these brushes everyday! And I'd really recommend trying them if you haven't already! some of the brushes out of the core collection and starter set I don't get much use out of like the detailer brush, foundation brush, accent brush and brow brush but all of the others I love! Let me know if you have tried Real Techniques brushes and what you think of them?


Monday, 4 March 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo | Review

Hi ladies! A few weeks ago I purchased the La Roche Posay Effaclar duo in Boots. There's been quite a bit of blogger hype about this product. It is basically a imperfections treatment which helps to unclog sebum-blocked pores and improve the appearance of imperfections such as blemishes. I have normal to dry/dehydrated skin but at the time when I purchased this my skin was playing up, I had blocked pores on my nose and cheeks and a couple of blemishes, so I thought this product was worth a try to see if would improve my skin!
The one thing I was worried about was that it would dry my skin out! As a lot of these anti-blemish products tend to do! So I only applied a small amount of this (you don't need a lot) mainly on my T-zone and chin where I was having problems and I noticed a big improvement! My pores were definitely clearer and appeared smaller too! It also helped to get rid of my blemishes quicker! and didn't dry out my skin either which is great!
I am really glad I tried this product and I would definitely recommend if you want something to treat blemishes or blocked pores. I saw a big difference, I am really impressed! And will contiune to reach for it when my skin is playing up!


Sunday, 3 March 2013

By Terry Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer | Review

Hi ladies! Today I thought I would review the By Terry Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer. I've had this for a couple of months now, I really wanted to try it as it's one of those highlighting concealers like YSL Touche Eclat. I have never tried YSL Touche Eclat as I've heard it doesn't have much coverage ,even a YSL sales assistant told me it isn't really a concealer it's more of a highlighter. Anyway back to the By Terry... So the reason I really wanted to try the By Terry concealer is because it is a highlighting concealer but it has a decent amount of coverage too. It is expensive at £33 it's the most expensive concealer I have ever used to date, but you do get 6.5 ml of product where as for the YSL Touche Eclat you only get 2.5 ml for £24, so the By Terry actually works out cheaper considering the amount of product you get.
The packaging looks very luxurious, it has a brush applicator that you click to release the product, while the packaging looks great I haven't been impressed by it, the main problem I've had and I don't know weather it's just my one but I find when I click it to get the product out, most of the the time the button stays clicked in, and I have to keep clicking to get the button to un-click or sometimes it releases itself. For the price of the product I would expect the packaging to work better, but again it might just be the fact that I got a bad one, although I did see reviews on SpaceNK of someone saying they had the same problem.
Moving on from the packaging and onto the actually concealer. They come in three shades, I got mine in the shade cream. I use this mainly underneath my eyes but sometimes I apply it to my chin, centre of nose and forehead to highlight. The consistency is thin and lightweight, on the packaging it says full coverage I wouldn't say its full coverage, more medium. It dries to a natural matte finish and doesn't crease under my eyes, you can use it on it's own but I have quite bad dark circles/bags under my eyes so I usually use this over the top of a concealer with more coverage (MAC studio sculpt). I like how the By Terry adds more coverage under my eyes and brightens to helps banish undereye dark circles.
Overall I think this is a lovely product aside from some issues I have with the packaging. I wouldn't say you need to rush out and buy this! But if you are looking to splurge a bit and your looking for a lightweight highlighting concealer with good coverage then I would recommend it.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Laura Mercier Silk Creme | Review

Hi Ladies! Today I thought It was about time I share with you my current favourite foundation -  Laura Mercier Silk Creme, I purchased this a few months ago now and have pretty much been using it everyday since!

So why do I love it? Well to start with it blends into the skin so easily - you only need the tiniest amount of this foundation as it is so pigmented. I'd say its a medium to full coverage - it does a great job at covering all imperfections giving that flawless look but still managing to look natural on the skin. The finish is beautiful, just the right amount of dewiness without look shiny and gives a gorgeous healthy glow to the skin. Another thing I love about this foundation is the longevity as it last all day on my skin and I don't feel the need to wear powder with this foundation either. I have normal to dry/dehydrated skin and so I would definitely recommend this foundation if you have the same skin type, but I also think this would suit all skin types including oily.
I'm wearing it in the picture above, sorry about the rubbish quality of the photo it was taken on my Iphone, the foundation looks better in real life I promise. My shade is Cashew Beige which is a perfect match when I am tanned. I use the Real Techniques buffing brush to buff it into the skin.

This is the best foundation I have tried! I really love it...flawless coverage, healthy glowing finish, natural looking and long lasting...what more could a girl want ehh? I got mine from SpaceNK, it retails for £33 so it's not a cheap but as I said you only need the tiniest amount so it lasts a long time! 
Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what you think?

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