Thursday, 9 May 2013

Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm // Review

Hey Lovelies! Today I thought I would share with you a hair care product I have been loving lately - the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm. My hair is quite damaged as my hair is bleached hair and use heat on it so I always like to treat my hair. I purchased this Charles Worthington treatment a couple of months ago now as I really liked the idea of it - it is a balm consistency that melts into your hands and turns into a oil, you apply it onto dry hair before shampooing and conditioning and leave in for 20 minutes. I like to leave mine on for as long as possible as I find the longer I leave it the better results, I usually leave it for at least 30 Minutes but I have left it overnight before. You can also apply heat from a hair dryer to help the product really penetrate the hair. For best results you should use this once or twice a week, I use this once every week or sometimes every two weeks.
It is described as being ideal for dry normal to thick hair, my hair is quite fine and I still use it as I don't find it weighs my hair down. I find this really nourishes my hair and leaves it feeling super soft. It also smells lovely, like a perfume scent but not too strong. It contains really nice conditioning ingredients like coconut oil (first ingredient on ingredients list) Shea butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, safflower seed oil. I have already done a blog post on Coconut oil for your hair (link) I still use pure coconut oil on my hair too, but I like this Charles Worthington treatment too as I find it quicker and easier as I don't heat the product up, I just apply it straight onto my hair and I also prefer the smell.
Overall I think this is a great hair treatment and would really recommend this to anyone with dry or damaged hair. It leaves my hair feeling really soft and conditioned. You can pick this up from Boots for £16.99.
Let me know if you have tried the Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm, what are your thoughts?



  1. This sounds like it smells amazing!
    Kirsty x

  2. I haven't tried this but I'd definitely love to! It sounds lovely and my hair's definitely damaged.

    Maxine, xx

  3. I love the sound of this, and i live treating my hair to a good thick nourishing conditioner.
    Ill have to find this in boots sometime :)

    BreezeyBee Blog

  4. Is this the one you recommended to me on last nights #bbloggers chat? :) xx

  5. Just added this to my wishlist xx

  6. This sounds amazing! Great review, Vanessa! I have pretty dry ends, and I love using hair oils, so I will definietly be checking this out :) It seems like it would be really conditoning!!

    xo aly

  7. I looked at this a while ago and it looked amazing but it a silicones in it, damn my fussy hair! x

  8. I've been looking for a new hair treatment, I might give this a try



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