Monday, 17 March 2014

Florida Haul: Mac Haul & Swatches!

This is part 3 of my Florida haul, today i'm going to be sharing with you everything I got from Mac, so heres what I got...
mac haul

Mac Peaches & Peachykeen blush 
mac blush
mac blush swatch
Peaches, Peachykeen

Peaches is a true light peach blush, it is a sheer tone blush so it isn't crazily pigmented which makes it easy to apply as it is very hard to over do it with this blush. It's a matte finish with a soft texture so easy to blend. Peachykeen is a peachy blush again but with shimmer and more of a pinky undertone, it is also a sheer tone blush so easy to apply without getting too much product on your brush.

Mac face and body foundation - shade C3mac face and body

I've tried this foundation twice but I'm not completely sure on whether I like it or not yet, it has a sheer but build able coverage and a very liquid-y formula.  I just wasn't in love when I tried it, I prefer more coverage but I need to try it out more to decide if i like this foundation or not.

Mac Lady Dangermac lady danger lipstick swatch mac lady danger swatch
A bold orange red, it is gorgeous! It is a matte finish which I do find drying so a lip balm underneath is a must! 

Mac Light boost highlighter 
mac light boost highlighter
mac light boost highlighter

I love this! It comes in a few different shades but I choose light boost which is a yellow based shade, I love this for highlighting my face and under my eyes, it has a light to medium coverage and the finish is natural and it blends in amazingly! 

MAC 188 brushmac 188 brush
I haven't used this brush yet but it is super soft! I plan on using this to blend in my concealer/highlight under my eyes and my face, you can also use it to apply your foundation. 

Mac 217 brushmac 217 brush
I already have one of these so I purchased another as it is amazing for blending eyeshadow. Amazing brush! if you don't already own this brush you need it!

Mac vanilla pigmentmac vanilla pigment
This is a pale white golden shade with gold shimmer, this is great for highlighting the inner corner of your eye or even as a face highlight! 
mac eyeshadow
left to right: Rule, Exspensive Pink, Bronze, Nylon, Soft Brown, Coppering, Amber Lights
mac eyeshadow swatches
mac rule expensive pink eyeshadow
Rule, Expensive Pinkmac bronze eyeshadow
Bronze, Nylon
soft brown eyeshadow
Soft Brown, coppering
mac eyeshadow
Coppering, Amber Lights

Rule - a matte orange shade, applied lightly this looks gorgeous.

Expensive pink - this is a pinky copper shade with shimmer.

Bronze - is a bronze shade with shimmer.

Nylon - is a creamy pale golden white shade with shimmer.

Soft Brown - is a light brown shade, its a great transition shade so applied to the upper crease it helps to blend out a crease shade.

Amber Lights - bronze gold shade.

So thats everything i picked up from MAC, let me know what you think of any of these products?



  1. What a haul! Soft brown, coppering and amber lights look like they'd make the PERFECT summer smokey eye xx

  2. I like the Peaches Blush and the Amber Lights eyeshadow. Definetely want to get this one too!

  3. What an amazing haul!! Lady Danger is amazing! And I kill for that set of eyeshadow colors, great picks.
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  4. WOW! Love the haul! I have the Peaches blush and I love it! :)

  5. lady danger, rule and coppering are definitely on my wishlist now!! Great haul! :)

  6. Amazing haul! I own many of the products you showed and love them x

  7. Great haul!! I love the eyeshadows. I really want a 217 brush. Basically I need more MAC products in general- I just don't think my bank account can take it.

  8. Great haul hun, so much great stuff. Lady Danger is definitely on my list. Looks PERF!
    Rumbie| RumbieLove xx


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