Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter | Review

I'm a lover of the dewy look and so highlighter is something I always use to achieve that 'glow'! When it comes to highlighters i have a fair amount in my collection, the most recent addiction is Benefit's Watt's Up. I first had a small mini size of this that I got free from Sephora but after trying that and falling in love, I had to get the full size!

Benefit Watt's Up is a cream highlighter that comes in stick form. Housed in such cute packaging, you have two lids on the product end which keeps the product from drying out and on the other end you have a sponge applicator. I haven't used the sponge applicator, while it's cute I would rather use my fingers or a brush to blend. The product itself is a gorgeous cream champagne, the shimmer in this is very fine which I like as its more of a beautiful glow than *disco ball*. You can apply it straight from the stick but I prefer to take some on my finger and tap it to blend on my cheekbones, eyebrow, inner corner of the eye, cupids bow… wherever you want to highlight! It blends in seamlessly and looks natural but also gives the perfect amount of glow! I'd say it pale to medium skin tones could use this and it would look perfect.

Overall I really love this highlighter, if your into the 'dewy look' but haven't tried it out I recommend checking it out!

Whats your favourite highlighter?



  1. The Watts Up looks lovely! I think I really need to try it :) xx

  2. UGH Super Jealous of the sponge applicator! I have a small sample-type size and really like it but it's only in stick form and I find it trickier to work with! I wish I had the sponge applicator!!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  3. Oh my gosh this is so cute! I've never actually read a review on this, but I'm glad I have now! xx

  4. Beautiful shade

    Jazzie x

  5. I have this in mini and use it on special occasions when I want to really go all out with highlighting/ contouring. It enhances features so well and definitely grabs attention. The mini doesn't come with the sponge (I don't think) which is a shame as I'd like to try it- I feel like I'm messing up the makeup I've already done when I use my fingers.
    Julianne //

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