Friday, 17 April 2015

How to Over Draw Your Lips! (Kylie Jenner Inspired)

kylie jenner lips how to kylie jenner lip linerOverdrawing your lips has become widely popular and I think that is down to the likes of Kylie Jenner. When done properly, I think it can look great! I over line my lips from time to time, sometimes more dramatic, other times only slightly and I've learnt some tricks to make it look as natural as possible. Whatever your into, if you want to enhance your natural lips a little or achieve more of a bigger poutier look hopefully you will find some tips and tricks helpful in this post.

Step 1 
Take a lip pencil, in the photo I am using Mac 'Soar'. Start at the cupids bow and over line, you can over line a little or a lot. The important part is to over line only on the middle of your lips, so when you get to the outer corners of your lips make sure your lip liner meets your natural lip line. Make sure the lip liner is matte as a gloss will show where you have over lined.

Step 2 
Now over line the bottom, again only over line the middle part of your lips and then blend it into the outer corners of your lips.

Step 3
Fill in your lips with a lip pencil, apply more product on the space between your natural lip line and the over drawn lip line, as you don't want to be able to see the gap. If you need to make any corrections then go over your lips, so if one side of you natural lip is less full then the other you can correct and make it look the same.



  1. You've got amazing lips to begin with <3
    My lips are a bit thin so I don't think mine would look as good haha x

    Sweetaholic Beauty

  2. This looks amazing! If I do this I look ridiculous, your lips look gorgeous! xx

  3. This looks good.

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